Desislava Karakoleva

I joined AFAC because of the great education and limitless opportunities ACS gave me. I would like to stay involved in the ACS community and keep other alumni engaged as well, so we can give back to the College and provide even better conditions for the future students.



I loved my ACS experience and the start in life that it gave me. I want to see the College continue to provide the best high school education possible to the most capable students. A strong alumni involvement is required to provide this opportunity to all students regardless of their financial means, which is why I dedicated my energy to starting AFAC in 2011.

About the Alumni Fund

In the autumn of 2011, a group of ten alumni backed by the ACS Board of Trustees launched an Alumni Fund for gifts to the College. The idea to establish such a fund came from the conviction that giving back to ACS will preserve its top standing among the best Bulgarian and international schools and will enhance further growth. The alumni group boasting members from 7 different classes and encompassing 18 years of ACS history took the first step by forming the Alumni Fund Advisory Committee (AFAC) in September 2011.

The Fund is an alumni-driven initiative, which aims to further engage the community of ACS graduates and allow them to allocate gifts to specific causes. In this way, graduates are able to have an impact on the overall development of the College and to contribute to aspects of the school that were an important part of their time at ACS. In addition, an accountability reporting process set up by the Advisory Committee enables donors to monitor how their funds are used and to receive periodical highlights of the College’s financial and academic performance. 

The ACS Alumni Advisory Committee serves as the voice and face of ACS graduates in the Fund. The Committee is focused on the areas that are important to the alumni community, aims to exceed the high standards of accountability and reporting that come with alumni donating time and money and to ultimately engage as many fellow graduates as possible. Donations by ACS alumni have historically been low despite the impressive educational results of the College over the years. With the launch of the Alumni Fund and the proactive involvement of AFAC, this trend is reversing.

The Alumni Fund had its launch in the fall of 2012, the year in which ACS marked the 20th anniversary of its reopening.

You can find all Alumni Fund reports HERE.